Our History and Mission

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Our companies’ success is fundamentally based upon strong customer service, a reputation for quality and safety, a loyal customer base and a dominant position in our markets. GSH and Air Tindi provide an essential service to many of their customers as access to and movement at the majority of their customers’ locations are only possible via aircraft. This includes the movement and transport of people, freight, equipment and essential supplies. Discovery Mining builds custom solutions for many of these customers as well.

Corporate History:

2004: Discovery Air is incorporated.

2004: Discovery Air acquires Discovery Air Fire Services (formerly H&L) in December.

2006: Discovery Air completes a highly successful initial public offering.

2006: Discovery Air acquires GSH on June 20th.

2006: Discovery Air acquires Air Tindi on December 19th.

2007: Discovery Air purchases Wheel Division Assets of Walsten Air on March 14th.

2007: Discovery Air acquires Top Aces on August 24th.

2008: Discovery Air acquires Discovery Mining Services on January 1st

2010: Discovery Air announces commencement of operations at DATS.

2011: DAFS announces launch of new subsidiary, Discovery Aviation Academy.

2012: GSH acquires Helicopters.cl SpA.

2012: GSH acquires Northern Air Support.

2013: Discovery Air acquires Advanced Training Systems International Inc.

2016: Premier Aviation completes purchase of Discovery Air Technical Services.

2017: Discovery Air completes sale of Discovery Air Fire Services.

2017: Discovery Air completes privatization transaction and its common shares are delisted on the TSX.